Shirt Disclaimer


  1. To make as much money as possible for our beneficiaries of each event.
  2. Good quality race shirt.
  3. Everyone who orders by the shirt deadline gets one.


  1. We organize and direct races, we are not Amazon, Ebay or an online retailer.
  2. The focus of Sweetheart City Racing is to be a professional event organization, provide an accurate and safe course, as well as logistical clarity and accurate results.
  3. We like a good race shirt as much as the next person, but it is NOT what makes a race great.  If it is high on your list that is fine, make sure you enter by the shirt guarantee deadline and there will not be a problem. 
  4. If you care more about the shirt than the course, results, awards, race flow and so on – there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for you not signing up by the shirt guarantee deadline.


  1. Shirts will never be held back for anyone for any reason.
  2. Shirts not picked up prior to an advertised time for a race become available to those who did not get a shirt as a result of missing the deadline.  First come, first served and sizes are as-is left over.
  3. Size swapping is only allowed race morning at an announced time for each race, if shirts are left over.


  1. Sizes are different based on the company chosen and even those can change from year to year or batch to batch.  It frustrates us, as well as you.  See #2 under philosophy.
  2. The occasional mistake gets made by us or a volunteer; those who are victim will receive something to make up for it.